Stone Fireplace Mantels and What You Should Know about Them

Stone Fireplace Mantels and What You Should Know about ThemWhen looking for a new fireplace mantel, you have a variety of options to choose from, including the material you would like your mantel to be made from. Stone mantels are a popular choice and can lend a touch of elegance to any decor. However, there are some points to consider about stone fireplace mantels.

Stone mantels are typically carved from a single large piece of natural stone. Unfortunately, natural stone is not a renewable resource. This can make a stone fireplace mantel cost more than mantels made from other materials. However, natural stone has its own grain, texture, and coloring that are unique to each piece and give an attractive addition to any decor.

A stone mantel should be installed properly to prevent tipping and the risk of injury or property damage because stone is extremely heavy. To ensure the best option in utility and in décor, make sure you choose the appropriate hardware. Also, be sure to attach to the supports in the wall surrounding your fireplace or have a skilled professional do the job for you.

You can make your investment last longer by taking caution to not stain or damage your mantel. Avoid placing heavy, sharp, or wet objects on your mantel, or display these items on waterproof protective mats. Dust your mantel regularly, and clean it as directed and when needed.

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