Role of Fireplace Mantels in Your Living Room

Role of Fireplace Mantels in Your Living RoomA fireplace mantel can make the fireplace the focal point of your room, or cause the structure to blend into the background, allowing furnishings or other decor to take front and center, depending on the choice of design and materials used.

When fires were first built in the home for warmth, the mantel protruded above the fire to catch the smoke released from the fire. With innovations over the years, the smoke is now drawn out of the home through the chimney, allowing the mantel to be used more as a decorative option.

The mantel may stand out to place focus on the fireplace itself or it may reach up to the ceiling. Decorative items may be placed on top of fireplace mantels that you can change with each season to vary the look of the room. Family portraits or other artwork are often hung over fireplace mantels for varying appeal. Whatever style you choose, a mantel should personify your individual tastes.

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