Remodeling Your Fireplace

Over time, your fireplace can begin to look worn and run down. You may have built-up dirt and grime that does not come off, no matter how well you clean. Perhaps you are updating your room and your old mantel no longer fits in with the new furnishings. Whatever the reason, remodeling your fireplace can improve the look of your entire room.

A new mantel and surround can be designed out of different types of materials, with various textures and carvings, and even in different color options. You can choose from smooth, clean curves, geometric lines, or intricate detail work, depending on your personal tastes. An overmantel that extends all the way to the ceiling can be added for an extravagant look.

When updating your mantel, check on the condition of the interior, or hearth, of your fireplace as well. Be sure to see if there are updates to safety regulations to be sure you meet the current approved standards.

If you do not have a fireplace to remodel, consider adding a faux fireplace mantel. A faux mantel is used to add decor and style to your room by giving the illusion of a fireplace without installing an actual fireplace.

If you need a fireplace remodel in Orange County, stop in to SoCal Fireplace Mantels for a large selection of available options. You can find mantels, surrounds, overmantels, hearths, and more to give your fireplace the update needed to complete the look of your home or office.

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