Remodeling Your Fireplace for the Holidays

Remodeling Your Fireplace for the HolidaysWith the holidays once again upon us, it is the perfect time to do a little home remodeling to get in the mood. And given that the fireplace is often located at the center of the home, it is a great place to start your festive reimagining.

A holiday favorite that never goes out of style is hanging stockings along the fireplace mantel. A little bit of holly, some pinecones, and a few votive candles and you are all set. Alternately, figurines from some of your favorite holiday stories make a nice touch as well. If you are looking to mix things up a little bit, maybe try some yuletide wall decals or stencils.

But maybe decorating your fireplace is not enough. Maybe you are looking to really amaze your friends and family members when they come over for the holidays. Just maybe, you are in the market to completely replace your fireplace mantel.

A new modern style mantel that emphasizes sleek lines and a simple finish may be the way to go. A classy, black marble mantel that is rounded at the edges will make your holiday decorations really stand out this year. Maybe you would prefer something more elegant, though, like a limestone fireplace mantel that has intricate carvings and decorations on it.

Another great idea is keeping the mantel that you have always had, but sprucing things up with the addition of an overmantel. As long as you let the spirit of the holidays guide you, there is no way to go wrong. If you need, though, our expert in fireplace remodel in Orange County would be happy to assist you with some more ideas.

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