Purpose of Fireplace Hearths

IMG_0168_fs142testMost homeowners with a fireplace are familiar with the fireplace mantel. The mantel can be decorative or basic and may be used to display cherished belongings. However, many homeowners do not know what a hearth is and its importance in the home. When you are searching for fireplace mantels in Orange County, do not forget to consider a hearth as well.

Some people may consider the entire fireplace assembly, inside and out to include the mantel, as the hearth. However, in most cases the hearth and the mantel are separate. The mantel is the decorative surrounding on the wall outside of the fireplace, while the hearth typically refers to the functional parts inside of the fireplace that may extend out into the room.

The hearth consists of the floor, walls, and ceiling inside of the fireplace made of stone, marble, or brick. This offers protection to your home from heat and fire when the fireplace is in use. The floor of the hearth often extends into the room to provide additional protection from drifting burning embers. The extension of the hearth can be used to provide safe distance for family and visitors. The hearth floor can also be used as a guide for placement of furniture to allow adequate safety from heat and flame.

SoCal Fireplace Mantels provides fireplace hearths in Orange County as well as a large selection of mantels. If you are looking to replace your mantel, it is a good time to replace your hearth as well.

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