Popular Types of Fireplace Mantels

Popular Types of Fireplace MantelsThe type of fireplace mantel that you choose is integral to setting the tone that you want to establish in your room. In a family home, a fireplace can be both a source of warmth and comfort, and also serve to bring the family together. In an office, a fireplace can offer a level of sophistication that is sure to impress your clients. There are many types of fireplace mantels from which to choose, but there seem to be a few that are the currently the most popular.

The modern style is one of the most versatile types of fireplace mantels around. This type of fireplace mantel can be placed in any environment, and can either be made to blend in with its surrounding or made to stick out and make a statement. The modern style emphasizes sleek lines, geometric patterns, and solid colors. There is usually a sort of minimalism associated with this style. It can take the form of a deep black marble mantel that is rectangular in design, or it can be a bright red triangle that tilts slightly off-center in order to provide an artistic sensibility.

The rustic style of fireplace mantel is also extremely popular. The aim for this type of mantel is to bring the splendor of the outdoors inside. As a result, earthen tones are normally used, and carvings such as acorns, ivy, or berries are popular flourishes. Some rustic styles give the impression that the mantel is made of stones found along a pond. Both natural stone and cast stone can be used to marvelous effect.

Custom fireplace mantels are also very popular. The custom style allows you to pick and choose several aspects of different styles to be integrated into one truly unique mantel. If you are looking for additional ideas concerning your mantel, contact our expert in marble fireplace mantels for more information.

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