Natural Stones used for Mantels

A stone fireplace mantel is able to create so many different feelings based on the type of stones used to create it. Gleaming marble gives a majestic feel to a room while rough-hewn sandstone lends a rustic appeal to a space. Because the fireplace mantel is an impressive statement piece in a room, you will want to use the materials which capture the feeling you want to evoke.

While there are many options for fireplace mantels, we find that the best choices are natural stone mantels. Natural stone is much stronger than cast stone, and it is very durable. One particularly valuable trait of natural stone is that each piece is one-of-a-kind with its own inconsistencies, patterns, and colors. So you will never see another mantle exactly like yours. Additionally, there are nearly endless design possibilities available when you opt for a stone mantel.

Some of the most popular types of natural stone we use to craft mantels include:
• Cantera- A naturally colorful stone, Cantera comes in a vast variety of colors including red, yellow, and purple. This stone has crystals dispersed throughout in unusual patterns. Using Cantera will give your mantel a distinctly artistic flair.

• Marble- A classic building material that has its roots in ancient history, marble comes in beautiful shades with intricate shading variations. It is a perfect choice for any décor because of its versatility.

• Sandstone- Using Sandstone in a mantel gives you a number of décor directions. It is equally at home as a part of a sleek modern look, when polished, and in a rough-hewn state, it gives a rustic feel. Its natural colors lend themselves to a beach theme as well.

• Travertine- This stone is naturally porous and gives an old-world feel to a fireplace mantel. Travertine adds an earthy and natural feel to a room.

Because your choices do not end when you choose a variety of stone for your mantel, it is a good idea to consult with one of our design specialists to guide you through the numerous finishes and cuts available. Your natural stone mantel will carry a one-of-a-kind personality that will be a joy for years.

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