Modern Trends in Fireplace Mantels

Modern Trends in Fireplace Mantels

Nothing in your home makes quite a statement of individual style as your fireplace mantel. The latest trend in fireplace self-expression seeks to embrace the modern aesthetic.

Modern fireplace design tends to eschew the traditional conventions of elaborate carvings and designs in favor of a more streamlined look. Smooth lines and the use of geometric patterns are a big trend in modern fireplace mantel design. It does not necessarily have to be a rectangular or circular design, but it may incorporate those elements. Bold colors are also an extremely popular aspect of this modern design tendency. It used to be that white, black, or muted colors were the go-to choice for fireplace mantels, but daring reds and brilliant blues have also become rather stylish.

The modern style also puts an emphasis on the elements surrounding the fireplace mantel. Mirrors above the mantel really open up any room, making them feel much more spacious. Large prints and paintings are also embraced in the modern aesthetic. A fun recent trend is to display found objects above your fireplace mantel, making it almost like a showcase for modern art. Putting books on the mantle is something that fell out of vogue for a while but is making a strong comeback. And an interesting way to incorporate a rustic element into your modern fireplace design is by carving a space out of the mantel to store the firewood below.

If you would like additional ideas for your modern fireplace makeover, contact our expert in modern fireplace mantels.

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