Modern Fireplace Mantels and Their Features

modern-fireplace-mantels-their-featuresWith fireplaces being popular in so many different living spaces, you may not be surprised to hear that fireplace mantels are also able to suit virtually any home. While classic styles of mantels remain popular, many homeowners prefer more modern styles. Here is a look at what these newer mantel types offer.

Modern Mantel Designs

Modern types of mantels range from elaborate to minimalistic. For a luxurious touch to any living room, mantels of French Country or British Colonial styling can be considered. More minimalistic living spaces may be better accented with clean lines rather than complex carvings, and stainless steel rather than cast iron. A variety of colors can be added to virtually any mantel to match surrounding decor.

Materials for Modern Mantels

Mantels of modern styles are made of many of the same materials seen in classic styles, but certain materials are more common than others. Popular materials include stone, such as marble, limestone, and travertine, as well as metals, such as cast iron and stainless steel. These materials can be smoothed and shaped for a contemporary finish, or roughened for a more rustic result. With the simplistic designs popular on many modern fireplace mantels, durability is excellent even with minimal maintenance.

Getting your fireplace mantel from SoCal Fireplace Mantels means you can have a custom-made product. This way, you can combine your favorite features for a mantel that is ideal for your living space. You can schedule a free consultation with a technician to discuss your modern mantel options.

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