Is It Necessary to Have a Fireplace Hearth?

Is it necessary to have a fireplace hearthWhen it comes to your fireplace, there are many components that must be maintained, cared for, and often replaced at times. These include the hearth inside of the fireplace, the mantel above the fireplace, and the surround that covers the sides of the fireplace. While the fireplace hearth is not a very glamorous part of your fireplace, it is possibly the most important component.

The hearth is the key part in making using your fireplace possible. The hearth is typically made of stone and can handle the high heat caused by flames and burning materials. The hearth protects the rest of your home from fire, smoke, heat, flame, and launched burning embers.

The fireplace hearth extends into the room a bit on all sides and is often hanging out a little along the floor. This protects your room from coming into contact with what is inside of your fireplace. You must make sure that your hearth meets specific guidelines based on the areas where your property is located. Because every area has different regulations, it is important to choose a service provider who knows the current specifications to ensure that your new hearth is up to code.

When you are looking for new fireplace hearths in Orange County, turn to SoCal Fireplace Mantels. They keep up on all of the laws and regulations so that you do not have to worry, and can help you to get a hearth that meets your needs.

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