Installation of Fireplace Mantels

Installation of Fireplace MantelsA lot of people do not realize that, while the chimney itself is a permanent fixture of the house, the fireplace mantel is more of a decorative front to the entire fireplace. A fireplace without a mantel wouldn’t be much to look at, though. Indeed, a mantel either makes or breaks the aesthetics of your fireplace. If you are looking for a mantel for your new fireplace, or looking to replace an aging one, then you will need to know exactly how to install a fireplace mantel. It is always best to have a professional do the instillation, but here are a few of the basic steps of installing a fireplace mantel.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to put your mantel into the desired spot in front of your fireplace. Then, use a pencil to trace the positioning of it onto the wall. Remember to do both the top and the sides of the mantel. Then you can set your mantel carefully to the side. You will need to place your mounting boards for the next step. There should be three mounting boards in total, one for each side and one for the top. You are going to want to use a measuring tape to figure out exactly where the mantel will meet with each of these mounting boards. Mark these locations accordingly onto the tracing from earlier. You will then place your mounting boards onto these spots. If you are screwing them into drywall, make sure to only drill into a stud.

Once the mounting boards are in place, you will mount the fireplace mantel by lining it up with both the tracing and the mounting boards. Drill or nail the mantel into the mounting boards, and then place the finishing touches.

While this article can serve as a basic guide, if you are looking for a mantel installation in Los Angeles, remember that it is always best to be assisted by a professional.

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