Important Features of Art Deco Mantels

important-features-of-art-deco-mantelsMantels made in the art deco style can be unique, eye-catching additions to modern homes. While art deco originated in the 1920’s and 1930’s, it has remained popular as a niche style in the years since, and many homeowners continue to seek it out. Here are some of the most important features to look for in these mantels.

Art Deco Design Principles

Integral to art deco mantels are clean lines, smooth curves, and distinctive shapes. In some cases, art deco mantels are not separate from the wall, but rather set into the wall, giving them a subtle presence in the room. Stepped shapes, such as those seen in legendary skyscrapers of the 1930’s, are common, as well. Some art deco fireplace mantel designs also include mosaics or sculptures.

Art Deco Mantel Materials

Industrial materials are classically used in art deco designs, including in mantels. For example, these mantels may be made of steel, cast iron, and aluminum. Some designs may also use wood that has been heavily treated with polishing. In many cases, art deco mantels use a single color. Lighter-colored art mantels can offer impressive contrasts when paired with appropriately angled room lighting.

Art deco mantels can add an interesting decorative touch to virtually any style of home. Furthermore, the availability of custom mantels means that art deco fans can combine their favorite aspects of art deco style with other mantel styles if they prefer. Clients can contact SoCal Fireplace Mantels to learn more about our art deco options.

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