Ideas for Remodeling Your Fireplace

Ideas for Remodeling Your FireplaceIf your fireplace is showing its age with visible damage or stains and dirt that stick around even after a thorough cleaning, you may wish to consider a fireplace remodel in Orange County. Before choosing your options, take a good look at what all is needed before you begin.

When updating the mantel or surround of your fireplace, consider the environment and furnishings in your room. If you like to keep a similar decor, you may wish to choose a mantel that stands out a little more to draw attention to your fireplace. If you prefer to change your furnishings on a regular basis, you may wish to choose a mantel that provides a more neutral balance to fit in with any decor choices.

Before remodeling your fireplace, check the hearth inside for signs of damage and to make sure the size and fit meet current building codes and requirements. If you wish for a more extravagant look, choose an overmantel that extends your surround all the way to the ceiling. If you do not have a fireplace, you can always add a faux fireplace to enjoy the look and appeal of a fireplace.

Once you have decided on your options, stop in to SoCal Fireplace Mantels for a large selection of the products and features you need to get your fireplace remodeled the way you want. You can even speak with a custom design expert if you cannot find the ready-made products in stock to suit your taste preferences.

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