How to Take Care of Stone Fireplace Mantels

How to Take Care of Stone Fireplace MantelsIn order to keep your new stone fireplace looking new for many years, it is important to provide appropriate care and maintenance. Your provider of fireplace mantels in Orange County can give you care instructions for your new mantel. However, if you have an older mantel or do not have your care instructions, there are some general tips for cleaning and maintaining your mantel.

To reduce the risk of nicks and scratches, use protective mats or doilies underneath any items that you display on your mantel. Avoid setting drinks on your mantel without the use of a protective coaster to reduce water damage and staining.

You should dust your mantel on a regular basis to reduce buildup that is harder to remove. Choose an electrostatic duster that attracts dust rather than pressing it into the natural grain. Deeper cleaning can be done with a rag dampened with a gentle cleaning solution, such as dishwashing liquid and water. Use a clean rag dampened with clean water to remove the cleaner and allow to air dry. A cleaning eraser can remove many stains.

If your current fireplace mantel is outdated, stained, becoming hard to care for, or no longer suits your tastes, it may be time to look for a new mantel. SoCal is a leading provider of stone fireplace mantels in Orange County. Stop in to see the existing selection of new mantels or for more information on caring for an existing mantel.

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