How to Remodel Your Fireplace

How to Remodel Your FireplaceWhen you get tired of your old fireplace mantel, you might want to consider a fireplace remodel in Orange County. However, before you replace your existing mantel, there are some ways that you can remodel your fireplace at home.

Decorations can make a huge difference in the appearance of your fireplace mantel. Displaying your favorite photos and knick-knacks can bring a more relaxed and homey feel to your mantel and the entire room.

Many people find enjoyment in changing up their fireplace decor based on the changing seasons or upcoming holidays. Greenery, floral arrangements, and seasonal decorations can be hung on and around your fireplace mantel to create a whole new look that can be changed whenever the mood strikes.

When redecorating at home for a remodeled look, it is important to keep your mantel safe and protected. Use protective mats or doilies under hard or sharp objects to prevent scratches and nicks. Use coasters or waterproof mats to display vases or other accessories that contain water.

For hanging items, there are weighted mounts that allow you to hang items without damaging the mantel. If you want a more permanent hanging option, have a professional install a permanent mount.

If you still find that you would be happier with a new mantel, turn to SoCal Fireplace Mantels for a lot of options, including stone fireplace mantels in Orange County. With a lot of design styles to choose from, you are sure to find just the right mantel to renew your fireplace.

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