How to Maintain Stone Fireplace Mantels

IMG_0019_fs34testWhen you get a new stone fireplace mantel, it is important that you take special care to help your mantel to look great for many years to come. Proper maintenance can help keep your mantel looking its best and reduce the need for repair or replacement.

Stone is very hard, but may also chip or scratch if you are not careful. If you wish to display different things on your mantel, place items on a protective layer, such as a mat or doily. When cleaning, avoid strong or abrasive cleansers that may etch the surface.

A stone fireplace mantel is porous, even if it has been sealed. This means that it may absorb oils and liquids that may result in staining of the surface. Avoid placing foods or beverages on your mantel to reduce the risk of spills or rings that may stain your mantel. If you like to display plants or floral cuttings, place a tray or plate underneath your planter or vase to keep water from reaching the mantel.

If you use your fireplace, be careful to keep burning embers from touching any of the stone on your mantel surround to prevent burned marks. When cleaning out the inside of your fireplace, dust and soot can stain the surround as well. Use a protective covering when you clean.

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