How to Maintain Limestone Fireplace Mantels

How to Maintain Limestone Fireplace MantelsA limestone fireplace mantel requires special care and maintenance to keep it looking new for many years to come. SoCal Fireplace Mantels, your provider of limestone mantel in Los Angeles, wants you to be aware of some of the tips in keeping your limestone mantel free of damage and stains.

Like many other types of stone, limestone is very porous, and can be easily scratched or stained if you use regular cleaning products. Therefore, it is important to use a cleaning product specifically designed for use on limestone. Avoid uses traditional cleaners, waxes, or polishes. Do not use paper towels or steel wool on limestone to avoid pitting and gouging of the stone.

To prevent dirt from becoming embedded into the natural grain of the limestone, be sure to use a duster that directly attracts dust. You may also choose a microfiber cloth or one made of soft cotton. Clean it with a gentle solution of dishwashing liquid and water, but be sure to rinse thoroughly. In addition, dry your mantel with a microfiber or terry cloth towel. Having your limestone fireplace mantel professionally sealed will also reduce the risk of dirt and stains from happening.

Avoid placing hard or damp objects on your limestone fireplace mantel, as they can increase the risk of damage. Protect your investment from scratches and water stains by placing any display items on thick mats or doilies. Do not place containers on your mantel that contain liquids, including vases. If you must, use a thick, waterproof mat for placement.