How to Decorate Ornate Mantels

How to Decorate Ornate MantelsIf you have added an ornate mantel to your living room, you have plenty of decorating opportunities ahead of you. Ornate mantels can be decorated in a variety of temporary and permanent ways. Here are some ideas for painting and adding some extra short-term style to these mantels.

Painting Ornate Mantels

Light and shadow help make ornate fireplace mantels stand out, so paint should be chosen to preserve these features. While dark colors will make these features less dramatic, light colors can enhance them. Professional paint jobs are recommended for the best-looking and most durable results.

Temporary Decorations

Unlike more minimalistic mantels, ornate mantels are difficult to overwhelm with decor. This means that you can get very creative in your placement of decorative items on and over your mantel piece. Books, photographs, candles, and vases are a few items that work well on mantels of this style.

Special Decor

An ornate mantel can also play host to decorations during any holiday or other celebration. Each year, you can buy or make your own decor to enliven your mantel beyond the ornaments it already displays. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions also present chances to decorate your mantel with photos, placards, and similar items.

If you enjoy decorating, an ornate mantel may be the perfect style for your living room. Our technicians can also offer tips for how to decorate the mantel of your choice. By scheduling a free consultation from SoCal Fireplace Mantels, you can find out about the right ornate mantel styles to match your decorating tastes.

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