How to Decorate Ornate Mantels

Here at So Cal Fireplace Mantels, we take great pride in our mantel designs, and we take great joy in watching our customers’ ideas come to life inside their homes. Your fireplace mantel and the way you decorate it set the tone for the entire room. Often, customers ask our design staff for ideas about decorating various types of mantels.
Many customers struggle with adorning an ornate mantel here are a few suggestions that can help you with your ornate fireplace mantel.

• CREATE A PLAN– This is true for all decorating projects, but even though it seems as if beautiful designs grow organically from designer’s imaginations, all good designs start with at least a rough idea of the desired look and feel of the creation.

• MATCHING TONES– For an especially grand mantel, consider adding décor in the same color family as your mantel. This creates a feeling of unity and helps you avoid an overcrowded and messy look. The colors do not need to match perfectly. For instance, if you have a fabulous Georgian fireplace and mantel in a shade of ivory, consider using a golden tone as you decorate. The colors will complement each other very well.

• A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY– This adage is true for most decorating projects. If you have an elaborately engraved dark wood mantle, adding too many details will make the vignette seem overbearing. For this type of mantle, consider hanging a large mirror above it and accenting with a pair of candlesticks and a meaningful carved piece.

• THE REST OF THE ROOM– Decorating rules are much more relaxed at this point than they were in the past. You will want to create a collection of pieces that work together with the rooms’ décor. However, you have some latitude in your choices. A hand-hewn stone mantel in a masculine library will benefit from having a few family portraits and mementos as opposed to stone carvings that look too staged.

An important point to keep in mind is to trust your instincts. If a mantel arrangement seems like it is too much, then it is. Also, remember that our expert interior design team here at So Cal Fireplace Mantels are available for consultations, should you want another opinion.