How to Decorate a French Fireplace Mantel

How to Decorate a French Fireplace MantelOne of the best things about a fireplace mantel is the opportunity for decoration that it presents. French fireplace mantels are among the most popular designs. They tend to be more ornate, and offer an elegant platform that will let your added décor stand out. Here, you can read about a few ways to decorate these mantels.
Painting French Mantels

The classical styling of French mantels works especially well with lighter paint colors. This way, shadows created by the fireplace and ambient lights are highlighted. If you are an experienced painter, you may be able to handle this task yourself. However, a professional paint job will likely produce the best results to match your stately mantel.

Decorating With Objects

An almost endless list of decorative objects can be added to your mantel. Many people mount framed photos or artwork above or resting on their French mantels. You can also place candles for daily decoration and light them for special occasions. If you would like to make the room feel larger, you can display a large mirror. Books, especially antique favorites, can be added to your shelf along with ornate book ends. Finally, artificial plants or live plant cuttings in vases can enliven the space.

The timeless designs of French mantels can be enhanced however you choose. In fact, you can even change your mantel décor according to the season or holiday. When you contact SoCal Fireplace Mantels, you can learn more about decoration ideas that pair well with different mantel designs.

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