How to Decorate Fireplace Mantels

How to Decorate Fireplace MantelsNo fireplace is complete until it is surrounded by a beautiful stone fireplace mantel. Fireplace mantels come in many varieties including rustic fireplace mantels, contemporary mantels, British Colonial mantels, French country mantels, and more. Plus, they can be made from many different types of stone, the most popular of which is marble. However, they are also carved from travertine, sandstone, and cast stone among others.

Once you have shopped from our showroom for fireplace mantels in Thousand Oaks, it is time to decorate it. There are many different ways to enhance a fireplace mantel with decorations. This can be as simple as placing a few family photos on top or as bold as a custom paint job.

We do not recommend painting your fireplace mantel yourself, unless you are a professional, because it is usually very hard to remove. However, a professional paint job on a cast stone mantel is one of the most elegant ways to make your fireplace stand out.

During the holidays, stockings can be hung from the fireplace mantel as one of the most traditional ways of decorating for Christmas. The decorations should be changed with the seasons to match any other change that is made such as a new color scheme for the spring.

If you are interested in more decorating tips to enhance your fireplace mantel, stop by to speak with our designer and view some of the examples in our showroom.

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