How to Clean Marble Fireplace Mantels

Wrap aroundIf you have a marble fireplace mantel, it is important that you use the right solutions when cleaning or removing any stains that might develop over time. There are special cleaners made for marble that are safe to use, but you can also use ingredients that are more readily available, if necessary.

Be sure to keep your mantel dusted on a regular basis. Use an electrostatic duster to remove particles from the mantel and to avoid pressing dirt into the grain. If your mantel requires a little more cleaning than just dusting, you can mix up a gentle solution of dish washing liquid and water. Dampen a clean cloth with the gentle solution, wringing out any excess water and gently wash the surface. You may use a plastic-bristled scrub brush if there is more detailing needed.

Stains can be removed with a selection of different ingredients, depending on the type of stain you are trying to remove. Diluted ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, using one part of chemical to 4 parts of water, can work on a wide range of stains, from water stains to organic stains, such as tea or coffee. For more difficult stains, add enough baking soda to make a paste and allow it to dry on the area overnight or up to 24 hours, before removing the paste with a clean cloth and clear water.

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