How to Clean Fireplace Hearths

How to Clean Fireplace HearthsSoCal Fireplace Mantels, a leading provider of fireplace hearths in Orange County, wants you to be able to enjoy your fireplace hearth for years to come. Proper cleaning and upkeep can help keep your mantel looking new and in good condition.

The mantel is a great place to display prized possessions or to enhance for seasonal decorations. However, when decorating, it is important to keep sharp and wet objects away from your mantel. In order to protect the surface of your fireplace hearth, use coasters, doilies, mats, or other protective barriers of some kind to place between these types of objects and your mantel to avoid unnecessary scratches and water stains.

To keep your hearth clean and to reduce the need for frequent deep cleanings, dust your mantel on a regular basis. It is best to avoid using a basic cloth or rag, which can push dust down into any intricate details or grain features. Choose a duster that is specially designed to attract dust and pull it away from your mantel surfaces.

If a deeper cleaning is required, use a slightly damp sponge that has been moistened with a gentle detergent mixed with water. Stains can be removed by gently rubbing in a baking soda and water paste and allowing it to remain over night before rinsing and letting dry.

SoCal Fireplace Mantels in Orange County has a large selection of designs to choose from that can suit the style of your room as well as your personal tastes.

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