How to Choose a Type of Fireplace Mantel

How to Choose a Type of Fireplace MantelWhen designing your fireplace, the type of mantel that you choose will set the tone for the entire room. That is why it is a good idea to better understand the types of fireplace mantels that are available.

The first thing you will want to decide on is the type of style you are going for. This may ultimately depend on how you want your fireplace mantel to fit into the design motif you have set up for your entire home. For example, if you have a cabin in the woods that you are seeking to furnish, a rustic fireplace mantel may be the best fit. A rustic style seeks to emulate the features of the outdoors. This means earthen tones, leaf and acorn carvings, or even a mantel made to look like rocks piled on top of one another. Alternatively, if you are trying to furnish a luxury downtown studio, you may be more in the market for a modern style of fireplace mantel. The modern style emphasizes a sleek, but bold design. Flowing lines, right angles, and playing with geometric patterns are all commonplace for a modern style.

You will also want to determine which kind of stone finish you want for your fireplace mantel. Natural stones like marble and limestone lend a certain debonair aesthetic to the room, but natural stones do require slightly more maintenance. Cast stones offer a bit more durable of a finish, and can be great for fireplace mantels upon which you might want to place decorative carvings.

Color can also go a long way in giving a fireplace mantel the personality you desire. It used to be that white, off-white, and black were your primary options, but nowadays you can select from practically all the colors of the rainbow.

If you have any additional questions about choosing the mantel that is right for your needs, contact our expert in custom fireplaces in Los Angeles for more information.

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