Getting a Custom Fireplace Mantel for Your House

Custom Fireplace MantelYour home should be a natural extension of who you are as a person. Therefore, the style and décor should match your sensibilities and create a mood that you would like to convey. At the center of most homes is the fireplace, so it is a feature that takes on a very important role in the house. Families and friends gather around the fireplace for special occasions and for everyday life. Let’s face it though, sometimes pre-designed fireplaces just do not fit into that special place in your home. That is where custom fireplace mantels enter your future picture.

With a custom fireplace mantel, the possibilities for self-expression are nearly endless. You can mix and match different features and colors to obtain the ideal mantel for your home. If your home is decorated in an understated way, it may be appropriate to have an intricately designed fireplace mantel. This way, you can really call attention to the beautiful engravings and designs. Likewise, if your home is decorated to the nines, then a more basic approach can work well or you can do the exact opposite. With custom-designs, the decision is all yours.

You can play with color, texture, and the nature of the stone. Colors can range from traditional white and cream tones, to greens, blues and yellows. Smooth textures have an heir of nobility, while rough textures lend a more rustic feel. Cast stone tends to offer a more understated look, while natural stone can transport you back to the days of Roman antiquity.

It is true that if you are looking for custom fireplaces in Los Angeles, your possibilities are practically limitless at SoCal Fireplace Mantels.

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