French Designs for Fireplace Mantels

Your fireplace mantel is an essential detail in any room of your home. It is a statement piece which dictates your décor and helps you establish your home’s atmosphere.

There is presently a resurgence in popularity of the French design styles. French fireplace mantels often evoke thoughts of the gilded grandeur of the palace at Versailles or a marble masterpiece adorning a country home in Provence. However, there are more French styles to consider. Given the fact that French design spans roughly 5,000 years, you are sure to find a mantel that fits your personality.

Here is an overview of popular French design styles for fireplace mantels.

• Renaissance- A Renaissance period fireplace mantel would feature ornate carvings, especially of natural elements, with a nod to the classic Greek and Roman design styles. This style possesses a regal dignity.

• Baroque- This is the design style of royalty that we see in Versailles. A fireplace mantel created in Baroque style would be enormous and would feature gold leaf and cherubs, which were a distinct feature of the Baroque period. The goal of Baroque styling is to impress.

• French Country- A mantel made in the French Country design style would typically be a light color and feature clean lines. Traditionally, this style would include finely detailed carvings as well as a slight curve above the fireplace. French Country style lends itself to most family homes.

• Art Nouveau- An Art Nouveau fireplace mantel would be a work of art. Curves are an essential part of an Art Nouveau mantel. This style is currently added to modern interiors to give a fresh creative feel.

• Art Deco- A fireplace mantel in the Art Deco style would be at home in a modern environment. The form highlights geometric elements especially triangles and is quite dramatic. It represents progress and success.

If you find so many choices confusing, consider consulting a designer who can help you with your decision. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing home, you can rest assured that the experts at SoCal Fireplace Mantels will help you create stunning perfection.

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