Fireplaces Made of Stone

A fireplace is the perfect focal point to set the tone for your entire home. Regardless of your tastes, the right fireplace mantel or surround enhances the feeling you want to evoke. When considering a style of fireplace, you also need to think about what kind of building materials you would like to incorporate into your home.

When it comes to versatility, very few fireplace materials can match the that of stone. Here at SoCal Fireplace Mantels, our skilled designers can work with you to create the perfect statement fireplace. If you need some assistance, our designers are experts at bringing your ideas to life.

The wide variety of stones available is what helps make stone fireplace mantels and surrounds the perfect choice to compliment any décor. Often our customers are surprised to see the different options they have for their new or refurbished fireplace. Here are a few of our most popular types of stone along with the design styles where they shine.

• GRANITE– The colors and natural finish of granite help to make the material especially suited for bold and contemporary looks. Although it does require a sealant, granite is very durable and easy to care for once sealed.

• SLATE– If your taste leans more towards casual and country, then slate is an excellent stone for your fireplace. When stacked, slate provides a charming rustic look. However, applying slate in a single sheet gives you fireplace a clean, modern feel.
• LIMESTONE– The sleekness of limestone works well for formal décor or places of business. It also can take on a romantic elegance when embellished with carvings. If you want to use limestone in a casual or rustic setting, consider stacking it.

• TRAVERTINE– This stone has many applications, and many of our customers appreciate it best when it is a part of an old-world setting. It can be stacked like limestone or carved for a dramatic feel.

• MARBLE– The timeless elegance of marble makes it a natural choice for those who want high profile luxury. It is at its best as the focal point of a room.

To see these and other fireplace materials, stop and see us at SoCal Fireplace Mantels. We are waiting to bring your dreams to life.