Fireplace Redesign Tips

Fireplace Redesign TipsPeople enjoy centering their home around the fireplace. It’s taking the hearth concept to heart. However, if you don’t account for change, your fireplace may start to look tired. That’s why you should consider remodeling your fireplace from time to time.

A popular remodeling key can be seasonal. You can put out fall colors and jack o’ lanterns for Halloween, fall colors and paper turkeys for Thanksgiving. Christmas, when everyone usually goes wild with decorating, can be useful for displaying cards and pictures of family. These are in addition to the pictures of family you may already be displaying. Tinsel, garland, fake snow, Christmas lights, and stockings are other cheery touches.

If you want to change your fireplace look permanently, you have options as well. Are you happy with your materials? Is your look classic or rustic? You can replace your cast stone mantel with natural stone, or vice versa. Or you can change from earth tones to classic black, or vice versa.

Fireplace doors are fun to install or replace. Cast iron doors are popular because they also fit into contemporary design. Glass doors can add to a minimal theme and offer a reassuring view of your fire. Finally, you can customize interior and exterior shapes to create inviting silhouettes against the flames.

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