Fireplace Mantels Compared

fireplace-mantels-comparedThe fireplace is where families, lovers, even friends gather to enjoy the long evenings. And having the right look for a mantel can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Comfort, camaraderie, and setting the right mood all depend on your surroundings.

Some people just don’t know what fireplace mantel is right for them. A stunning selection of limestone, travertine, or marble mantels can bring complete symmetry to any home or office. More than that, cast stone and natural stone are available to fit every need. No matter the budget or style, from small-scale residential projects, to developers and contractors – everyone can surly find satisfaction with pristine and custom made mantels.

Fireplace mantels in Los Angeles can be remodeled to match any ambiance. The cast stone fireplace is molded using glass fiber reinforced gypsum. This is a non-combustible, flexible, and natural lightweight mineral that is non-polluting. This allows for any design, color, or texture. The natural stone is imported and hand-carved. The superior make of these products will accentuate any abode.

What’s most important is finding the right fit. One main difference is that cast stone is concrete designed to simulate a natural cut. Whereas natural stone has been quarried and gone through many changes to have a unique appeal or appearance. Natural stone mantels are more durable and are truly a one-of-a-kind building material. The natural graining can sometimes be hard to match, however. Cast stone can be lighter, and easier to manufacture and install. The only issue is it doesn’t get the level of detail that natural stone can. Cast stone often has a more seamless look, however. Comparing one to the other isn’t easy, as preference all depends on you.

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