Fireplace Mantels and Their Designs

Fireplace Mantels and Their DesignsMany homes feature fireplaces in the living room, a place where family member and their friends accumulate when spending time together. This means that the look of a fireplace does not only set the tone and style for this room, but for the whole home. Fortunately, there are many different style options available when it comes to fireplace mantels.


It is easy to notice that cool colors and simple designs create a very modern look. People of today desire tranquility and serenity, so many fireplaces are being redesigned in modern ways, using limestone, cool slate, and seamless stainless steel. Try showing off as much of the mantel as possible, and only adorn it with a few, simple pictures or pieces.


Traditional fireplaces and their mantels create a comfortable, happy vibe in the home. They just invite the fire to be lit and loved ones to sit together. Brick and wood, matched with warm, inviting colors best build this vibe.


Wood and stone are the best materials to use when going for a rustic look. For added authenticity, fashion your mantel out of wood from trees that naturally grow in your area.

Feel free to ask us about other design options for your custom fireplace mantels in Los Angeles.

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