Fireplace Mantel Ideas for Holiday Season

Fireplace Mantel Ideas for Holiday SeasonWhen decorating your home for the holidays, a great place to start is your fireplace mantel. Since the fireplace is usually the centerpiece of any house, it makes perfect sense to begin decorating here and to let it set the tone for the rest of your home.

A simple idea for keeping in the spirit of the season is to set up a faux winter wonderland display on top of the mantel. Start by hanging a snowy wreath directly over your mantel. If you cannot find one already made at the store, spray paint a wreath grey, then use spray snow and silver glitter to finish it. Use white felt or fake snow to give the mantel a nice festive dusting. Placing mini streetlights or boxes of presents on top is a great way to enhance this look.

Another great way to put your visitors in the holiday spirit is to line your mantel with clear glass containers of varying sizes and to fill them with candy that matches the color of the rest of your holiday decorations. Or if there is somebody in the family that you want to hide the candy from, try an assortment of holiday flowers instead. Poinsettia, holly, mistletoe, and ivy are all flowers that are commonly associated with the winter holidays. In addition to looking beautiful, the live plants will add a touch of nature to your house in the middle of winter.

And, of course, fireplace mantels always look great when the family stockings are hung from them!

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