Features to Consider When Getting a Fireplace Mantel

Features to Consider When Getting a Fireplace MantelHaving a fireplace is the ideal way to tie any room together, and a key component to any fireplace is the mantel. In fact, picking the right mantel is essential in setting the right tone for your fireplace. When you decide to purchase a mantel, there are certain features you will want to take into consideration.

The first feature in consideration is the material from which the mantel is made. Natural stones, such as marble and limestone, lend a more elegant sensibility to any room. Cast stone tends to bring more of a cozy feel with it. However, you will want to keep in mind that natural stone is more delicate, and this kind of mantel may require additional upkeep.

Another important element to think about when selecting a mantel is the kind of design you would like to have. Modern designs tend to emphasize sleekness and geometric shapes. These can be square, triangular, or even circular in their layout. A contemporary mantel design is more likely to blend in with the room, as it has a softer feel associated with it.

Color is another feature to consider. Black and white is a more traditional color option, while there are bold choices, including yellow, red, and blue available. The best way to choose is to choose the color that best fits with the other elements that are in your room.

A custom design is the best choice for those customers who wish to mix-and-match styles. If you are looking for custom fireplace mantels in Los Angeles, then your options are nearly limitless.

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