Different Uses for Fireplace Surrounds

Different Uses for Fireplace SurroundsThe fireplace surround is the part of the fireplace that is the most visible in the room. This is the part of the fireplace that includes the mantel, the area on the sides of the fireplace, and the overmantel if you have one. The main purpose of the fireplace surround is to protect the exterior of the fireplace from heat and smoke damage, but today’s surrounds are used for other purposes too.

The fireplace surround can be used to enhance the style and decor of a room. Depending on your choice of color, design, and materials used, the surround can blend in with existing decor or stand out as the main focal point of the room.

The surround, particularly the mantel, can be used for display or decorative purposes as well. Many people choose to display prized possessions along the mantel, such as photographs and other personal objects. To prevent scratches and damage, use a protective mat or doily for heavy or sharp items.

The fireplace surround can also be decorated depending on the season or holiday, such as vases full of colorful blooms in spring or summer, decorative branches in autumn, or stockings at Christmas.

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