Different Types of Fireplace Mantels

Different Types of Fireplace MantelsIf you are looking for a new or replacement fireplace mantel, there is no shortage of options to choose from. You can choose your new mantel based on style or design, materials used, or even by color. You can choose a mantel that blends in with the existing theme of your room, or decide on a more ornate or decorative mantel that stands out and becomes the focal point for your home or office.

Classic, modern and contemporary fireplace mantel designs offer smooth lines and a minimalist appeal, though they can stand out with various colors. Rustic fireplace mantels place more emphasis on the materials used for a natural look. Mantels can also be more ornate and highly decorative to stand out and draw focus to the fireplace. Common styles also include art deco, British, colonial, and French country designs.

For those who desire something in between a plain and a highly detailed look, French country fireplace mantels are a great choice. Soft, muted colors are emphasized by delicate detailing. White, natural, and soft yellow are just a few of the colors used in materials such as marble or stone. Smooth flowing lines may be emphasized with the intricate detailing of shells, vines, or flowers that are never overpowering.

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