Different Designs of Fireplace Mantels

Different Designs of Fireplace MantelsWhen you are thinking about choosing a new fireplace mantel, you may not realize that there are many different design styles to choose from. Each of these styles has their own unique features that you may want to consider before making your final selection.

You may be looking for a mantel that has clean, geometric lines or patterns. If this is the case, you may wish to look at more modern or Art Deco styles when choosing your new fireplace mantel. Customize your look with the addition of a splash of bold color, such as blue or maroon.

If you are looking for a simple fireplace mantel style, you may want to consider rustic or contemporary styles. Choose more natural colors and tones, but you may wish to add a little texture for interest.

When a more classic look is what you are going for, a traditional or British Colonial style might fit best. These styles range in simplicity to offer clean lines or simple carvings for more detail. From marble to cast stone, you have many options in material and texture. Ornate and French Country mantels offer a degree of elegance when you wish your fireplace mantel to become the central focus of your room.

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