Designing the Perfect Fireplace

designing-perfect-fireplaceFireplace design is a loving art that many homeowners feel unqualified for. Especially if you have no background in interior design or construction, turning a hearth into a home can be daunting. Once you realize it’s as easy as choosing the right materials and following your instinct, you can turn a chore into a delight.

First, if it’s a new fireplace, decide what materials are appropriate for your space. In most domiciles, the fireplace will be the centerpiece. So depending on the vibe of your home, you can choose strong or soft, intense or understated, aloof or welcoming.

Here are some materials typically used in fireplace design:

Wood is the easiest for contractors to work with, and the most affordable. You can stain it or paint it, manipulate it into a desired shape, or decorate it with appliques. Sawn oak is a popular choice because of its Victorian classicism. Or you can use structural brackets, called corbels, for both support and European style.

Brick is very versatile, and easy to style to your liking. Remember that because of its weight, brick requires more support than wood. You can dress up brick very easily with what’s called dentil molding, which is just a repetition of small blocks. This is best in formal homes with lots of traditional architecture.

You can make a metal mantel for a more modern home. Heavily-sanded sheet metal is used for a sophisticated yet subtle appearance.

Tile is a material often sought-out for being highly customizable. You can paint it with a floral pattern for example, and then apply it without shelves for a fully contemporary look.

Don’t forget the fireplace surround, which is the area of the fireplace that extends into the floor space. Regardless of the chosen material, you can have a lot of fun here, decorating however you’d like—either for holiday or more permanently with family photos and memorabilia.

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