Customizing Your Fireplace Surround

Customizing Your Fireplace SurroundThe fireplace surround is the part of your fireplace that protects the exterior elements from the fire. The surround can be integrated with the mantel or it can be separate from it.

One of the things to consider when you are customizing your fireplace surround is the color. One approach is for it to harmoniously blend in with the mantel, overmantel, and hearth. This can work especially well in combination with a natural limestone mantel. Another approach is to use different colors for each element of your fireplace. This can work especially well in a modern or artistic setting with strategically placed overhead lighting.

The texture you want to use for your custom fireplace surround is also important to consider. Cast stone tends to lend a more natural vibe to the entire fireplace, while marble offers a look of refinement. Generally speaking, cast-stone is usually the cheaper of the two options, if you are on a budget.

Some people prefer to leave the surround and mantel basic so that they can alternate accessories with the holidays or the seasons. White or black goes well with pretty much every color scheme, so that may be a good option if you want to focus more on the decorations.

A custom design for your surround leaves you open to endless combinations of texture, color, style, and material used. Sometimes having too many choices can be difficult, though. If you run into issues finishing off your design, contact our expert in custom fireplace surround in Orange County for additional inspiration.

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