Custom Fireplace Mantels

Custom Fireplace MantelsA fireplace can really add a sense of comfort to any home. Coincidentally, with a custom fireplace mantel, a sense of your personality can also shine through. Mixing and matching styles with a custom fireplace mantel is easy, and it oftentimes results in a stunning mantel as a bright focal point to any room.

There are a few different schools of thought with custom fireplace mantels. Some people feel that a fireplace mantel should flow in perfect harmony with the room, while others seek to have it stand out. For example, a rustic mantel can be a nice reprieve from a busy city life, while an ornate mantel may add a touch of flair to an otherwise basic apartment. Different colors can also have different effects on how a fireplace presents a room. Many people find blue to be calming, while others find reds to be invigorating.

Adding engravings and designs can further accentuate your mantel. Likewise, texture can make a big difference, as well. Smooth mantels give off a sense of refinement, while rough mantels have an earthiness to them. A natural stone fireplace mantel can give your home a sense of sophistication, while a cast stone mantel can provide a more subdued approach. Do not forget about the various decorations that you can place on the mantel once it is installed to further highlight your style, also.

Luckily, there are no wrong answers with a custom fireplace mantel. The choice is entirely your own and it can give you a great way to show off your creativity. The more custom you make a fireplace mantel, the more uniquely yours it becomes. Indeed if you are looking for custom fireplaces in Los Angeles, your choices are virtually endless at SoCal Fireplace Mantels.

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