Custom Fireplace Mantels and What You Need to Do

Custom Fireplace Mantels and What You Need to DoOur custom fireplace mantels offer plenty of options for the new centerpiece of your home. Instead of choosing a mantel that only nearly satisfies the size and style requirements you have in mind, you can customize your mantel through our company and achieve perfect effects for your living space.

Choose Your Mantel Style

Before you embark on the customization process, you may want to determine what style of mantel you would prefer. Whether you envision a rustic or contemporary mantel, we can deliver. In fact, you are not even restricted to a certain motif. Customization allows you to pick and choose facets of favorite styles for a unique amalgam all your own.

Choose Your Materials

Many materials are available to build your custom mantel. Popular choices for rustic mantels include repurposed wood, driftwood and cast iron. Contemporary favorites include marble, stainless steel and sandstone. Just as with mantel styles, you can pick and choose materials to combine in your mantel.

Present Pictures

If you have pictures of mantels you like, you can feel free to show them to our designers as a guide for your own. Along with your specifications, these images can help ensure that your fireplace mantel meets your needs.

Everything from the mantel to the doors of your fireplace can be customized to your satisfaction. Our designers are experienced at working with homeowners to produce truly impressive results. To learn more about our mantel customization process and the options it provides, you can schedule a free consultation today.

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