Contemporary Fireplace Mantels

Contemporary Fireplace MantelsA lot of different style options can come across your mind when you are designing or redesigning your home. Many decide to start in the living room, where families often reconvene at the end of the day to relax and catch up. The fireplace and its mantel stand as the eye-catching center piece of most living rooms, so deciding what style to have in mind while designing it is vital. Contemporary mantels are a popular option for many looking to update their house and create a beautiful central area.

Your first step will likely be choosing the material. Slate, limestone, and stainless steel all give off a modern look. When it comes to being contemporary, the lighter and cooler in color the better. This emanates calm and tranquil vibes, meaning everyone will feel comfortable and at-home in front of the fire.

Contemporary fireplace mantels in Los Angeles are also typically free of clutter. Place some pictures of family and friends in simple, complementary frames, or a single vase or decorative piece to create a modern area.

Mix and match your materials and elements to fashion a look that can flow to the design of the other areas in your home.

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