Cleaning Tips for Fireplace Mantels

Cleaning Tips for Fireplace MantelsWhen it comes to cleaning your newly purchased fireplace mantel in Orange County, there are some steps you can take to keep your mantel looking new and in good condition.

You want to be sure to dust your fireplace mantel on a regular basis, even when it is not being used. Materials used to create your mantel, including natural stone, cast stone, or others, can collect dust in the natural grain and in any intricate detail work of your mantel. Rubbing can push this dirt and dust further in, making it look dark and dull, while also making it harder to clean. Instead, dust with a special type of duster that is designed to attract dust and draw it away from your mantel.

For deeper cleaning of dirt and soot, you can use a clean rag dampened in a mild cleaning solution, such as dish washing liquid and water or another cleaner as recommended by the company where you purchased your mantel. Work in a small area at a time and rinse repeatedly with another clean cloth until the area is clean. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Stains can be eased with a cleaning eraser or a baking soda paste left overnight and rinsed thoroughly in the morning.

SoCal Fireplace Mantels provides a large selection of mantels, including rustic fireplace mantels in Orange County. If you have any questions regarding the care and cleaning of mantels before or after purchase, be sure to ask our friendly and qualified representatives for more information.

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