Cleaning Marble Fireplace Mantels

Cleaning Marble Fireplace MantelsLike furnishings, windows, and other parts of a home, a fireplace mantel benefits from regular cleaning. In addition to keeping the mantel presentable, daily cleaning can help preserve its condition for the long term. A few different techniques are useful for cleaning mantels depending on their construction.


With regular dusting, you can help keep your mantel from darkening over time. A cloth dampened with water and some light detergent is often effective for clearing dust away. However, excessive water is best avoided as it could cause discoloration. In wooden mantels, dust can settle in the grain and become impossible to remove, making electrostatic dusters a better choice.

Cleaning Stone and Concrete

These materials demand heavier cleansers than what other materials require. For the best results, you should use cleaning products intended for stone, concrete, and marble fireplace mantels. Never use cleaning chemicals based on acids or bases as they could cause permanent damage.

Preventing and Eliminating Stains

Always respond quickly if a spill occurs on your mantel. Blotting instead of wiping should be done to help prevent the stain from penetrating the material. Professional advice may be sought for clearing away stains that are already well set.

Maintenance is vital to keep mantels looking their best, regardless of their material. While the right techniques and cleansers can help keep your mantel in great shape, professional cleaning can be worthwhile for deep cleaning after stains have set. To learn more about cleaning techniques, you can contact a specialist at SoCal Fireplace Mantels.

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