Building Your Dream Hearth

Building Your Dream HearthHearth is defined as the floor of the fireplace. It is also defined as a symbol of one’s home. Fireplaces are meant to connote cozy atmospheres. They play an important role in entertaining—but also in visualizing your living space.

What materials do you envision for your fireplace? Is your living space traditional, rustic, or modern? You can choose cast stone, made with glass fiber reinforced gypsum. Limestone and marble are also classic choices.

A note on the difference between mantel and hearth: anything above and outside the fire source is considered the mantel, and this is the centerpiece of any construction. The word “hearth” has a legal use, and yours must not be in violation of local guidelines. Fireplace floors are heat-resistant, and offer protection for any non-burning areas.

But our professionals in fireplace hearth in Orange County prefer to think of “hearth” in its symbolic terms. Building your perfect fireplace, literally from the floor up, is how we contribute to your dream home.

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