Best Way to Clean Fireplace Mantels

Best Way to Clean Fireplace MantelsA fireplace can be a beautiful, eye catching part of a living room, sitting room, or bedroom. The shelf on the top of a mantel can be the perfect place to set pictures of your family, artwork you love to look at, or an ornate mirror, depending on what your fireplace surrounds. This is why it can be frustrating to realize that your fireplace mantel has become dirty. We can give you a few ideas about how to best clean your concrete and rustic fireplace mantels, and restore the beautiful look of your home.

For unsealed concrete, remove all of the decorations from the top or nearby, and use a vacuum attachment with a brush to remove any dirt or ash from the surface. Then you can spray it with foam all-purpose cleaner and let it soak for about one minute. You can then scrub it in a circular motion, and then dampen it with water.

For a sealed concrete mantel, you can also use a vacuum attachment to get rid of any dirt, and then scrub it with a mix of water and a small amount of soap. Applying wax after it has dried will likely help keep it clean.

Very tough stains can be removed with a mixture of bleach and talcum powder applied with a stiff bristled-brush.

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