Benefits of Cast Stone Overmantels

Your home is not only one of your most significant investments, but it is also your castle. This is why we, at SoCal Fireplace Mantels, believe it is important to assist our customers in creating a look that makes them feel glorious.

Often, a customer will contact us hoping for something to augment their existing fireplace. Usually, when a customer would like to add to a piece already in place, it means they are looking to add an element of grandeur or stateliness to their home. It is our experience that there are very few additions to a fireplace able to match the magnificence of an overmantel.

An overmantel is a structure surrounding a fireplace reaching from the top of the mantel to the ceiling, or very close to the ceiling. The addition of an overmantel gives any fireplace a true sense of grandeur. Today’s overmantels provide a definitive space for artwork, statuary, mirrors, or television sets. Often our designers customize an overmantel around a particular piece.

At SoCal Fireplace Mantels, our expert designers often recommend cast stone fireplace overmantels to our clients. While our customers are free to choose from a wide variety of delightful materials, our cast stone has some distinct advantages over other options when used in an overmantel.

• Versatility – Because cast stone is man-made, we can go to great lengths to coordinate or contrast the overmantel with existing elements in your home. Adding pigments and other aggregate materials allows us to make your overmantel exactly as you imagined.

• Efficiency – We are able to create and install a cast stone overmantel in a shorter amount of time than other materials.

• Value – The cost of using cast stone in typically large pieces, like an overmantel, is often substantially less than creating a similar piece with natural stone.

Your fireplace is a wonderful statement piece. The style, materials, colors, and shape all work together to express your unique nature. This is why we feel it is necessary for our customers to explore various options and take the time to figure out what options are best. We are confident that our expert designers can work with you to create the overmantel of your dreams.